Download of the software OpenSim Arriba

Important note: OpenSim Arriba is a fork of OpenSim version 0.8.2. In addition to various other improvements, Arriba can still run on current Linux versions. The author of this website does not know any grid that still uses OpenSim Arriba.

Current reference for this text is:

  • opensim-arriba-2019-08-25-e247d8c of 29/09/2019

In the latest version, the configuration may vary slightly until this manual has been adjusted again.

First, download the OpenSim Arriba package from the following website:

Unpack this package now, and copy the directory “bin” including all sub-directories completely to the server. This tutorial uses the directory path “/home/maria/opensim/bin/...”.

Note: The modules OpenSimSearch.Modules.dll and OpenSimProfile.Modules.dll needed for some grids are already included in the download.

Continued: Configuration of the file “GridCommon.ini”

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