OpenSim Server Tutorial

OpenSimulator is a cross-platform multi-user 3D application server programmed as open source software. Many such server installations can be connected together to form virtual 3D worlds, the so-called “Grids”. Avatars of one grid in turn can visit other independent grids through a common interface, called “Hypergrid teleport”. Much like web surfing with conventional Hypertext the result is a distributed 3D network, the “Metaverse” or “Hypergrid”.

Here server installations for different Linux distributions are described, how they can be used as basis for OpenSim, also mono and SQL are prepared here.

  • Please select in the menu bar the operating system (or what comes closest to the desired system) and then the individual subchapters.

After successful basic installation OpenSim will be installed.

  • Please select in the menu bar the desired OpenSim variant and then again the individual subchapters.

Have fun tinkering!  


Forum: GridTalk (mostly German)

Wiki: openSUSE
Wiki: Ubuntu
Wiki: OpenSimulator

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