Starting the OpenSim software for the first time

When you first start the OpenSim.exe the database will be initialized and the first region will be set up. To achieve this you will be prompted in the command console with a few questions. In the following excerpt the necessary entries are marked in bold:

  • The name of the region, here “MyTestRegion”.
  • The unique identifier UUID, the default value can be accepted.
  • The position in the grid, first X horizontally, then vertically Y.

Note: Please check on the grid of your choice if your chosen position is really free! Sometimes a server is crashed, so that water is displayed inworld. Only if no land is registered on the “Map”, then the position is really free.

  • The IP address is a placeholder and instructs the program to “look for the right address itself”.
  • Port 9000 may remain. Please do not choose such exotic ports as smaller than 9000 or greater than 9999 if you wish to receive guests from the Hypergrid. Reason: The firewalls of the regions from where your visitors are starting their teleports must have opened the port you selected.
  • The “External host name” is either the IP address or the domain name of your server. If your ISP assigns a new IP to you every day, you can also specify the subdomain of a service that will assign the respective IP of your computer (“Dynamic DNS”).
  • It is useful and convenient to choose the same “Estate” for all of your regions. In this example the estate is called “TestImmoServices”. In the following an owner of this estate is set, which will then have expanded rights to change inworld settings on the regions. Important: This account must exist in the selected grid, and it should generally be yours.

Note: Alternatively, the placeholder SYSTEMIP can be specified as “External host name”. Then the IP address of the own computer is automatically determined. In data centers, this is usually the externally accessible address. In private homes, however, this is usually an address from the local home network, which is assigned by the local router and is not visible from the outside.

Exception: If you want to rent out an entire region, then you can assign a separate estate to it and register it to the account of the tenant as owner. Thus, the tenant inworld has full admin rights also in the Estate menu.

13:00:10 - [LOAD REGIONS PLUGIN]: Loading region configurations from filesystem

We are now going to ask a couple of questions about your region.

You can press 'enter' without typing anything to use the default

the default is displayed between [ ] brackets.


New region name []: MyTestRegion
RegionUUID [8cd612e1-afb4-41f1-8bc2-9e46996378c3]:
Region Location [1000,1000]: 1234,4321
Internal IP address []:
Internal port [9000]:
Allow alternate ports [False]:
External host name [SYSTEMIP]: 10.345.67.89
13:04:44 - [ESTATE]: Region MyTestRegion is not part of an estate.
13:04:44 - [ESTATE]: No existing estates found. You must create a new one.
New estate name [My Estate]: TestImmoServices
Estate TestImmoServices has no owner set.
Estate owner first name [Test]: Maria
Estate owner last name [User]: Example
Region (MyTestRegion) #

Continued: Start OpenSim automatically

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