Download of the software OpenSim 0.9.2

Important notes:

  • Larger grids, including the OSGrid shown here as an example, offer special preconfigured OpenSim downloads. There, the grid-specific settings are already set appropriately.
  • For independent operation without a third-party Grid, some things must be configured additionally or differently. When indicated, see the page “Standalone mode” here in the instructions.
  • OpenSim version 0.9.2 requires at least Mono version 5.12 or under Windows at least .NET 4.6.

Current references for this text are:

  • opensim- of 01/03/2022
  • OSgrid OpenSimulator of 24/02/2022

In the newer developer versions (…) the configuration probably deviates slightly.

First, download the OpenSim package from one of the following websites:

Unpack this package now, and copy the directory “bin” including all sub-directories completely to the server. This tutorial uses the directory path “/home/maria/opensim/bin/...”.

For some grids, there are two additional modules that need to be post-installed, coming from independent projects: OpenSimSearch.Modules.dll and OpenSimMutelist.Modules.dll. The packages are included in the download from the OSGrid, also the source code of these modules can be found on the download page. If needed and not already available in the download, copy these binaries into the directory “bin” of your server.

Continued: Configuration of the file “GridCommon.ini”

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