Package selection

Attention! OpenSUSE 15.1 includes Mono 5.10. OpenSim Version 0.9.1 requires at least Mono Version 5.12. In the absence of an official upgrade package, a private mono repository is used here. OpenSim Arriba is not affected.

If the provider offers a “minimal” default installation of “OpenSuse 15.1”, this can be taken as base system. Further package deinstallation is not necessary. With Yast, also OpenSuse offers a base system in the package management: “Filter -> Patterns”, then choose both “Minimal Base System” and “Yast System Administration”.

Integrate Package Repositories in Yast

Select the menu “Software -> Software Repositories”. The dialog “Configured Software Repositories” shows up. If the provider has preconfigured other entries, you can delete them. Later, with closed FTP port, repositories will not be accessible over FTP anyways. After that set up the following repositories: (priority 99) (priority 100) (priority 20) (priority 21)

Install Software Packages

It is recommended to perform an online update of the operating system first.

Now select the menu “Software -> Software Management” to open the package administration. Next install the following packages:

  • mariadb
  • mono-complete
  • tmux
  • vim (optional other editors possible)

By this selection, many other dependent packages are also being installed.

Continued: Time and language configuration

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