This is the web site of Mareta with a server tutorial and some information about her OpenSim regions, which are hosted on this server.

OpenSimulator (link) is a cross-platform multi-user 3D application server programmed as open source software. Many such server installations can be connected together to form virtual 3D worlds, the so-called "Grids". Avatars of one grid in turn can visit other independent grids through a common interface, called "Hypergrid teleport". Much like web surfing with conventional Hypertext the result is a distributed 3D network, the so-called "Metaverse" or "Hypergrid".

The Metropolis Grid (link) is a union of many OpenSim servers, partially located in leased data centers (like this one), partly driven at home, and sometimes even only temporarily online from home desktop PC. In the near future, the grid will become the property of a non-profit organization, and important decisions are made in democratic parliamentary proceedings. In addition to hobby-oriented private individuals also many artists and educational institutions are active in Metropolis Grid.

Foresta is the home of Mareta Dagostino, currently largely undeveloped hilly meadowland. Here Mareta can do fancy experiments and simply delete her objects after she has finished.

Deserto is a desert landscape with an old oasis town. Most objects in the region were created using mesh technology. Ruins in front of the city enhance the feeling of desolation.

Foresta - 7008,7002 Deserto - 7009,7002
hypergrid.org:8002:Foresta hypergrid.org:8002:Deserto

DeReOS (link) is a grid privately operated by Akira Sonoda and Freaky Tech as a hobby. It is powered by ArribaSIM, a PHP based grid service specially written by Freaky. Also (almost?) all the regions in the DeReOS grid are operated with Freakys OpenSim Arriba fork.

Ko San Ti is the home of Malee Sanya or (over Hypergrid) also Mareta Dagostino. The peninsula is shaped by nature with a rice farm. Under construction is a school and a spacious beach. To the west lies Ao Luk Yon, a water region.

Ao Luk Yon - 9999,9999 Ko San Ti - 10000,9999
dereos.org:80:Ao Luk Yon dereos.org:80:Ko San Ti