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Configuration of the file "OpenSim.ini"

In OpenSim.ini a lot of settings can be changed, it is the largest configuration file. You can take the example file "OpenSim.ini.example" included in OpenSim 0.8.x as basis.

Important Note: Larger grids, like Metropolis shown in this example, offer special preconfigured OpenSim downloads. They already have the grid specific settings suitably set. We will still look at the file in detail to learn something...

We begin with the necessary settings and will get over some additional optional settings, later.

If OpenSim 0.8 is used, normally the physics engine "BulletSim" is used as default. Otherwise activate this option, if you want to use this more modern engine. The previous default engine was "OpenDynamicsEngine", but that is not compatible to variable sized (VAR) regions and to modern vehicles.

  ; physics = OpenDynamicsEngine
  physics = BulletSim

To send IMs URLs must be entered for the chosen grid, a few modules have to be enabled also. "Forward Offline Group Messages = false" prevents group messages being sent to offline users from your land (to prevent spam).

  OfflineMessageModule = OfflineMessageModule
  OfflineMessageURL =
  MuteListModule = MuteListModule
  MuteListURL =
  ForwardOfflineGroupMessages = false

DataSnapshot and Search ensure that objects on your land can be marked for search. Here also fitting settings for the selected grid have to be made. Index_sims will turn on that feature. If search for objects is enabled in the server, periodical scans of the land are necessary and a list of objects is transmitted to the grid. For performance reasons it is recommended to increase the transmission interval of 20 minutes to 10 hours.

  index_sims = true
  default_snapshot_period = 36000
  gridname = "Metropolis"
  data_services = ""

Note: The sections "Search" and "Modules" are missing from the original sample file of OpenSim. Simply add [Search] as shown below and two lines with the correct SearchURL and eventually the module name, as well as [Modules] and the two lines below with LandServices and LandServiceConnector.

  SearchURL = ""
  ;; Next line only in grids (for example OSgrid) which still use the
  ;; old OpenSimSearch module!
  ; Module = "OpenSimSearch"
  LandServices = "RemoteLandServicesConnector"
  LandServiceConnector = "True"

Optional: Latest Viewer support neither Mumble nor FreeSWITCH without modification to the code. The company Vivox, which operates the voice service for Second Life amongst other things, have been offering uncomplicated agreements with OpenSim server operators since early 2012. If you are running your server for a longer term, this could be an interesting alternative for voice. Vivox will send your account data along with your contract confirmation by email.

  enabled = true
  vivox_server =
  vivox_sip_uri =
  vivox_admin_user = DeepThroat
  vivox_admin_password = VoiceG4te

Here grid specific one group function block is turned on and the appropriate module is enabled. Moreover, the correct URL for the selected grid has to be entered again.

=> Only in grids (for example Metropolis) which already use the new
   GroupsModule V2, add here the following chapter:
  Enabled = true
  Module = "Groups Module V2"
  ServicesConnectorModule = "Groups HG Service Connector"
  LocalService = remote
  GroupsServerURI = ""
  GroupsExternalURI = "" 
  MessagingModule = "Groups Messaging Module V2"
=> Only in grids (for example OSgrid) which still use the old
   GroupsModule, add here the following chapter:
  Enabled = true
  Module = GroupsModule
  ServicesConnectorModule = XmlRpcGroupsServicesConnector
  GroupsServerURI = ""
  MessageOnlineUsersOnly = true

Dependent on the different grids two different modules are used, OpenSimProfile (for example in OSgrid) or built in profiles (for example in Metropolis). The following setting is used for built in profiles only!

=> Only in grids (for example Metropolis) with built in profiles,
   add here the following chapter:
  ProfileServiceURL =

Optional: Do you want scripts in objects in your land to be able to send emails? Then you have to set the following lines that are originally commented. You can use your own email server, or use someone else's (for example, the one of your grid operator). For security reasons it is strongly discouraged to use your usual private mail account!
Note: To use email, TCP port 25 has to be opened in the Firewall.

  enabled = true
  internal_object_host = lsl.opensim.local
  host_domain_header_from = ""

Since OpenSim 0.8 a new feature is implemented, which "bakes" Avatars central on a central grid server, to avoid the need to repeat it after each teleport. Only functional if supported by the grid!

  URL =

In keeping with the tutorial "GridHypergrid.ini" must be chosen, because this OpenSim is connected to a grid and Hypergrid is configured. Who absolutely does not like Hypergrid, can also choose "Grid.ini". Other architectures do not fit this tutorial!

  ; Include-Architecture = "config-include/Grid.ini"
  Include-Architecture = "config-include/GridHypergrid.ini"

These were the necessary settings. A few pages further down some tuning tipps will follow.

Continued: Starting the OpenSim software for the first time