OpenSim 0.8/Download

Download of the Software OpenSim

Important notice: Larger grids, for example Metropolis as shown here, offer special preconfigured downloads of OpemSim. They already have the grid specific settings suitably set. This tutorial is based on official software releases only, the developer versions that some grids prefer are only considered in exceptional cases.

This tutorial was written for OpenSim versions 0.8.x, plus the two modules for profiles and search. The MetroEditions 0.8.x-DEV are compatible. The configuration of the Arriba Fork differs from this tutorial in some details!

First, load the OpenSim package from the official website:

Now extract this package and copy the "bin" directory complete with its sub-directories onto the server. In the example configuration of this tutorial the directory path is now called "/home/maria/opensim/bin/...".

For some grids, two modules have to be installed separately, which originate from independent projects: "OpenSimSearch" and "OpenSimProfile". Copies of the source code rarely are available in a few grids, but it seems that a reference is lost.

Versions compiled for the OSgrid on 23rd Dec. 2015 are stored here (no guarantees):

Binary file OpenSimSearch.Modules.dll and binary file OpenSimProfile.Modules.dll

Simply copy these two binary files (or "better" ones from another source) into the "bin" directory of your server.

Hint: In Version 0.8 actually new methods are implemented. But if a grid has not converted so far, the "old" modules still are necessary.

Continued: Configuration of the file "GridCommon.ini"